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    Wireless HDMI AV Transmitter/Receiver

    The WL-HDMI-50TR is a wireless HDMI transmission device that utilizes the industry-leading WHDI technology and KENSENCEs unique RF transmission technology.

    It is capable of transmitting HDMI signals up to a maximum line-of-sight distance of 100meters. The device comprises a transmitter and a receiver. The WL-HDMI-50T transmitter converts HDMI signals into 5.8G base frequency RF signals, while the WL-HDMI-50R receiver reduces RF signals to HDMI signals enabling received video images to be displayed on the device.


    - Supports 1080p 60Hz HDMI signals;

    - Line-of-sight transmission up to 100m, obstructed transmission up to 30m;

    - Supports HDCP protocol, EDID transmission;

    - Utilizes WHDI wireless transmission technology;

    - Utilizes unique RF transmission technology and equipped with five-directional antenna;

    - Utilizes 5.8G base frequency, radiation safe;

    - The compactness of the WL-HDMI50T transmitter allows it to be plugged directly into the signal source;

    - The WL-HDMI50T transmitter utilizes low-power; it can be powered by plugging it into USB slot of laptop.